What Are the Benefits of Smiling and Laughing?

When you’re having a gloomy day, and someone greets us with a smile, it can change everything. 

Hearing the laughter of a child can uplift our heart. Being around family and friends, watching a funny movie, or going to a comedy club can give us a good laugh.

Did you know this positive feeling has amazing benefits as well?

Behind the Smile

Health Benefits

The famous quote “laughter is the best medicine” is actually true! Smiling and laughing have an effect on your brain. Both cause an immediate increase in feelings of relaxation. 

Spontaneous laughter even works your facial muscles, and the resulting increased heart rate burns calories. The health benefits of smiling are numerous in many parts of your body. 

Blood Pressure 

When you laugh or smile, chemicals, like endorphins, reduce your heart rate. Laughing and smiling also increase oxygen consumption and can lower blood pressure. 

You are already at less risk for heart disease just by smiling.

Immune System

When we laugh, the nervous system senses we feel calm. This tells the immune system to create infection-fighting antibodies. 

We will then have a stronger immune system, which we definitely need now! Next time you take vitamin C, pair it with laughter. 


Smiling and laughing are key in maintaining relationships. A person that smiles often has very pleasant social interactions. 

Smiling can result in an improved mood and better relationships. When people see this attractive expression, they will want to spend time with you. 

It truly is contagious. When you feel happy, you can get others to feel the same!

Your Very Own Natural Painkillers 

Research shows that when you feel physical tension or body aches, laughing can make you relax. It sends a release of chemicals that can even help you tolerate pain better. 

In one study, participants had a tightening blood pressure cuff or a frozen wine-cooling sleeve placed around the arm or took part in strenuous exercise. The participants that viewed comedy had a higher pain tolerance. 

So there is an outstanding response to laughter: people who laugh more feel less pain later.

Fights Stress

After this year, we can all relate to being in stressful situations. When your brain feels stress, many physiological changes occur. Your muscles tense, and negative thoughts appear. 

Adversely, when you smile, your body releases chemicals to lower stress levels, so you automatically feel happier. So think positive thoughts and try to put on a smile! 

Your Best Smile

With your smile, you can enjoy better health, improve your well-being, and live longer. Why not try to listen to a good joke or even try laughter yoga? 

On the other hand, try to avoid negative programs and, instead, focus on things that make you happier. 

We hope this article gives you many more reasons to smile. 

We want to contribute to a happier you by making sure you have your best smile. Some may be embarrassed by their smile. Here at Novato Oral Surgery, we specialize in numerous treatments that can replace teeth, like hybrid dentures and implants. Contact us today to easily schedule an appointment.  

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