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Great service, no one else in the waiting room and immediate urgent help given. Thank you!


Everyone was very respectful nice and helpful. After the first day it didn’t bleed. Stitches are holding great. Would highly recommend the doctor and the staff.


Everyone was very respectful nice and helpful. After the first day it didn’t bleed. Stitches are holding great. Would highly recommend the doctor and the staff.


I always feel respected. The staff and Dr. Osibin explain the procedure to me and answer any questions I have. I highly recommend them.

Victoria Seal

The staff was personable and professional. Dr. Elder
is amazing!

Kristin Robertson

This office gets 5 stars for COMMUNICATION SKILLS, as well as other things! ALL Staff is very friendly, courteous , and attentive to all clients (and English/Spanish bilingual!). They answer their phones, are efficient with scheduling, insurance research and explaining clearly the procedures and costs. The x-ray technician was very competent and clearly communicated every move. At my first visit, Dr. Elder communicated clearly, showed me my xrays and provided back-up illustrations and written info for my upcoming surgery. I was not rushed, had my questions answered and know that I can call back if I have any more. When patients are treated respectfully and kindly like this, it engenders confidence and trust in the professionals who will be caring for them. THANKS!

Marilyn ("Molly") Whiteley

Dr Elder is not only an excellent oral surgeon, but he is also a kind doctor. He was able to alleviate my fears in advance of having a tooth pulled, and assured me afterwards that I had gone through the worst step in preparation for my implant. I learned to trust him and the second step was much easier.
The staff is also very patient and kind.


all good

Terry B Griffith

Absolute most traumatic experience I’ve had under medical care. I was told Dr. Elder would be performing surgery on me. A man came in and didn’t introduce himself. I attempted to explain my anxiety and ptsd make me very anxious so I was trying to ask about what they were doing. I was mocked by the surgeon, and put under without warning, with the last thing I remember was the surgeon talking to another guy about how buff he was. Absolutely unprofessional, and I later found out it wasn’t dr. Elder! I have no money to go to court but if I could I would be sure this man has his license revoked.

Bethany Whitty

I had several surgery by Doctor Elder at this office and he always does fantastic job, Dr Elder is a good surgeon very polite and easy to talk to and make you feel very comfortable. As far as the staff they are all very nice and they know what they are doing.

Ghassan Elkurdi

Great check up! Scheduled appointment was on time.


Everyone was kind and supportive. I was not a bit uncomfortable

Meg Lynn Larson

Everyone was very kind, helpful, and informative. Thank you

Robert Valentine

The entire office staff was…….kind, compassionate and caring……and VERY professional….thank you….johnnyb

John Baseheart

Staff was great, wait was pretty short, surgery went well, I was made to feel like I’d get the best dental care that could be offered and I was in no way let down


Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been treated any better at a dentist office. I went in to get my wisdoms pulled and was so nervous. The IV I got was painless and the procedure was so quick. The staff is a blessing. Thank you for being so kind!

madison rideout

First off thank you for your patience with me getting my son up to drive me , the staff was helpful and kind , I did not even know when I went to sleep , and it was finished Thank you I had been needing for very long time 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Cynthia Kent

Very kind, professional office staff and state of the art X-ray machine. For my first time consultant only the Dr. Endonila was very precise in how I was shown and explained the X-ray of my wisdom teeth as they appeared in the full view of my upper and lower jaw. I feel very confident in going to my future appointment.
Thank you Novato Oral Surgery❣️


Dyan Riley

Staff was friendly and helpful.

Moira Gubbins

Very good work quick and painless.

Kenneth Benitez

From the moment I entered the office I felt at ease. I thought I was in for a painful extraction. Instead, it was over very quickly.
I highly recommend Dr. Elder.

Robert Feinberg

Office could have done homework, ahead of my visit? This cost me, sitting in office for 45 minutes, without knowing the reason, until at last.

Other than above, excellent service.

Chitale Bhala

The entire team at Novato Oral Surgery are very professional. My procedure included extraction of my #14 First Molar, followed by bone graft insertion and subsequent suturing. Dr. Will Osibin, DDS, did a superb job. The extraction was totally painless. Within 24 hours, the swelling was diminished and my jaw was without pain.

I appreciate having an oral surgery team in Novato of such quality. Highly recommended.

Joseph J Miksis

The staff is sweet and all of my questions were answered. Getting my wisdom teeth out soon, and hoping for a speedy recovery

Domenica Griffin-Baerwald



Just had two wisdom teeth extracted and it was quick, efficient, professional and painless. The staff is friendly and courteous as well. If you really need to have oral surgery, this is the place to go in the North Bay.

James Derrickson

Finding an oral surgeon was the hardest part because the team at Novato Oral Surgery made the rest of the process easy. They’re friendly, professional, have excellent bedside manner and answered all my questions quickly and with confidence. Very pleased with the process from beginning to end. Would recommend 10/10.

Thank you to all the staff who guided and comforted me in a painful and scary situation. I wish you all success and happiness.

Kyra J

Procedure was efficient and painless. Sympathetic doctor and attendants. I was quite upset though that my personal check (through a brokerage) was not accepted. It would have been a better experience if I had been warned that only credit cards are accepted. Just a note on the Treatment Plan Prtoposal would have been welcome and avoided embarrassment.

Diana McQuaid

Dr Osibin is a champ. Always takes the time to make sure I feel comfortable. The last time I was in, he was a little late…and I saw him talking to a very concerned patient…so I was not offended at all…glad he could help that lady! His work in my mouth is impeccable, so I will never go to anyone else!

Sharon Terrill

Surgery went smoothly and uneventful. Recovery was fast and relatively pain-free. The follow-up appointment was a breeze.

Peter Chuck

I’ve never had any teeth extracted before and wasn’t looking forward to having my wisdom teeth and two others removed. But all the staff was great which helped me to relax. The procedure went great and I was on my way home before I knew it. I’m glad I came here to have my work done.


Dr. Osibin is an excellent doctor. I went in to have a tooth out. In no time at all I was waking up and the work was done. I felt no pain. His people took me out to my husband to go home. The sight of the tooth has been recovering perfectly.

Vicki Seal

My experience with Novato Oral Surgery was about as pleasant as I imagine getting an wisdom tooth extracted could be. The staff was friendly. Dr Osibin was also friendly and informative and he patiently answered all of my questions, making me feel comfortable before the procedure.
The entire procedure was quick and painless. I was in and out in less than an hour (including paperwork, x rays, consultation, extraction) and I haven’t needed any painkiller stronger than a couple ibuprofens here and there since then.
I am happy I found this place in my time of need and would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Very kind

Audrey Ritzer

Novato Oral Surgery is very professional and staff is friendly and helpful. They did a good job.

Kamala Allen

I didn’t suspect that I would have so much pain with the 3 injections. I took 3, Ibuprofen and an hour 1/2 later I got some relief.

It seemed strange that with my 3 implants, oral surgery I didn’t need any Ibuprofen for pain.

Nevertheless, I consider the treatment/service of the highest professionalism.

Julius Schindler

Very organized staff. Dr.ELDER is professional and I am very

confident in his decisions & care.

De Sunderland

If you are considering an implant look no further than Novato Oral Surgery & Implantology with Dr. Mark Elder and the friendly, knowledgeable, caring staff in this immaculate dental office who truly value their patients. Dr. Elder (amazing) placed my pain free implant in record time and is an absolute professional who kept me informed throughout the entire treatment plan making this a successful delightful experience. I feel extremely fortunate to have landed at Novato Oral Surgery and Implantology and can now smile again. Thank You, thank you, thank you Dr. Elder and staff for being over the top!

Vincent Derham

Great staff!!!


Dr. Elder handled my case with the best of professional service anyone could ask for from the 1st meeting to the procedure and then the follow-up appointments. At first I was really scared to do the procedure, but Dr. Elder instilled a confidence in me that I don’t normally have when I sit in a dental office. He did an awesome job with the bone graft and my dental implant. It didn’t even feel like he did the procedure because it was done with a “clean” well done finish. I would highly recommend Dr. Elder for all your dental care needs!

Ingrid Cotey

Very friendly and knowledgeable. We are very happy with the service we received


Very knowledgeable staff and oral surgeons.


My surgery / tooth removal was taken care of quickly and with a minimum of discomfort. The staff was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Elder to anyone needing an extraction.


I elected to be put to sleep for a difficult extraction. I felt a pinch from an IV and the next thing I heard was, “Wake up, you’re done.” No pain or trauma. It was the most pleasant oral surgery I’ve ever had. I was treated very well and recovering rapidly. My highest recommendation.


My experience at your office was easier than I ever thought it would be. Everyone is so professional. I will recommend your office whenever I can. Thank you for the pleasant experience.


Wonderful! Quick and so professional. Highly recommend!


The staff was supportive of me when I was in fear and pain. I want to apologize to those people in the office who helped me. I was not easy to deal with. Thank you!


I  have been anxious about the need to have a complex extraction since I have osteoporosis and take Prolia injections every six months. I was actually forwarded from the Native American Dental Health Clinic to Skyway Endontics and then back to a different Native American Clinic doctor before getting a strong recommendation to see an oral surgeon. I selected Dr. Elder because his office is near where I am spending 6 weeks in Novato during winter storms in the mountains where I live. Once I arrived at Dr. Elder’s office, everything was suddenly manageable. All staff members were excellent and Dr. Elder was experienced and confident about taking my case. His office was also able to schedule an appointment for the surgery in the week following my consultation. I have complete confidence in this medical team


No one “wants” to go to the dentist, let alone a dentist of oral surgery. But teeth degrade over time, can crack and might need to be removed. Mr. Elder and his staff were awesome throughout my exams, tooth extraction, and dental implant procedure. I would recommend Mr. Elder to my friends and family.


The office is small but cute and the doctor was very nice and made sure to answer all our questions.


Muy profesional gracias por a tender a mi hijo gracias muchas gracias

Nancy C

We are always please with the service and Mahr Elder is always very professional.

Jd H

I love Dr Elder and his staff very professional, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s good-looking 😉.

Debbie C

By far the best… No b.s. I’m an actual patient , after going through hell I found heaven.. thanks to all who took great care of me…

F. M.
Scott O.

The doctor was witty 😂 And totally made my daughter feel comfortable ! The ladies at the front desk were helpful and understanding. I recommend this man and his office staff .

Amber P.

Dr. Elder and the staff were very awesome! My appointment was only supposed to be a consult. He said let’s do it today and I was very shocked bcuz my dentist told me it may take a month to get in. 1 wk and he did consult and surgery same day.

Cynthia G
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