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Fractures in the face and jaw area leave you in pain and scared. Will my face look the same after it heals? When will my pain subside? The Novato Oral Surgery team realizes that with fractures come lots of questions. The highly skilled surgeons not only provide you answers but off some of the best fracture treatments in Novato, California and surrounding San Francisco Bay area. If you suspect a fracture, call the office or book your appointment online.

What are common causes of facial fractures?

Facial fractures occur because of sudden impacts to the facial area. The bones in the face are some of the most commonly fractured in the entire body. The jaw area is especially at risk because it sticks out from your face making it a high-risk fracture area especially in face forward falls. 

Some common causes of facial fractures include:

  • Sports injuries (especially high impact sports like football, boxing, baseball, and basketball)
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Work injuries (i.e. construction and manual labor)
  • Bone loss
  • Certain oral pathology (i.e. cancer and periodontal disease)
  • Physical assault

The providers at Novato Oral Surgery treat facial fractures occurring in your jaw, cheeks, and orbital bone areas.  

Will my face look the same after a fracture?

As long as you get prompt care, after the swelling subsides your face will return to its normal appearance. It is important to visit Novato Oral Surgery after any impact to the face for the providers to examine you. Using the latest in medical diagnostic technologies, the team can spot and treat even the smallest of fractures. Time is of the utmost importance as your facture needs to be set so your bone repairs itself correctly. 

How do you repair facial fractures?

Treatment is designed to match the location and severity of your fracture. If it’s a small fracture in your jaw, it might be wired shut to keep the bones immobile while you heal. Larger fractures to your jaw, cheek, or eye area might need plates installed with small surgical screws to strengthen and support your bone regrowth. 

You should start feeling better within a few weeks, but it’s best to avoid any activity where you risk a blow to your face like sports for at least six to eight weeks so your bone can fully heal. 

Took a blow to your facial area and need to see if you have a fracture? Call the Novato Oral Surgery office today to set up your diagnostic appointment or book online. 

Took a blow to your facial area and need to see if you have a fracture? Call the Novato Oral Surgery office today to set up your diagnostic appointment or book online.

Our doctors who provide this service

Susan Snyder, DDS

Susan Snyder, DDS, MD, is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializing in jaw alignment, wisdom teeth removal, facial reconstruction, oral pathology, and more. She takes the necessary time to make sure all her patients feel comfortable taking the time to explain each procedure and viable treatment options.

Mahr Elder, DDS

Mahr Elder, DDS, MD, is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with expertise in TMJ disorders, jaw trauma, dental implants, and much more. He belongs to the California Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and values volunteer work both abroad and right here in Marin County where he provides free orthodontic care through the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation.

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