Mini Dental Implants

Dentist holding a dental model showing mini dental implant procedure- Novato, CAThere are several different options to solving the problem of missing teeth. However, it can seem confusing to choose the right tooth-replacement procedure for you personally.

Your dental specialist might have informed you that you are a candidate for mini dental implants. Maybe you’ve heard of traditional dental implants, but what exactly are mini dental implants?

Our staff and expert oral surgeons here at Novato Oral Surgery in Novato, CA are happy to provide you with all the information you need so that you are able to choose the right procedure for you personally. Let us guide you to your happiest and healthiest smile! Call us today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

Let’s have an overview of what mini dental implants are and, most importantly, if they’re right for you.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

All dental implants, whether conventional implants or mini implants, serve as replacement tooth roots that provide a base for new artificial teeth and prevent facial collapse and other issues.

Mini dental implants are similar in structure to traditional implants but are smaller in size and can be less invasive and less painful to place. Mini implants consist of a tiny titanium post, approximately the diameter of a toothpick. 

Unlike conventional implants, they are made of one piece instead of two, so there are no abutments or screws. Instead, the teeth are held in place by elastic O-rings on a ball at the top of the implant.

These types of implants are usually used to replace smaller teeth but can also replace most types of teeth. They can also be used in place of bridges, dentures, fixed crowns, and can even secure loose and lower arch dentures.

Why Should I Choose Mini Dental Implants?

There are numerous benefits to the use of mini dental implants.

  • They do not require the same amount of bone mass to anchor into the jaw bone as a traditional dental implant, avoiding the need for bone grafting or a sinus lift surgery.
  • Since they are smaller in size the surgery is less invasive and doesn’t require the same amount of time as a traditional implant. It only takes a single session to complete the procedure!
  • The procedure is also significantly less expensive than implanting conventional dental implants.
  • The healing process is much quicker, only taking a few days instead of several months.
  • The smaller diameter also makes them less painful to fix or repair if something happens to them.

Most patients who are candidates for mini dental implants choose this procedure because they:

  • Don’t have the ability to undergo invasive surgery
  • Don’t have the time for many repeated dental appointments
  • Don’t have the bone mass necessary in their jaw bone to support a standard dental implant
  • Want to replace their missing teeth at only a fraction of the cost

Mini Implants vs Traditional Dental Implants

If you have suffered bone loss and don’t have enough bone for adequate support, larger traditional dental implants could cause the bone to fracture and create other problems in the long run. In this case, a mini implant would be a better option for you.

If your jaw bone is healthy, traditional implants might be a better option for you because they are somewhat stronger than mini implants and may give you better performance over time. 

Mini implants often hold up for many years without problems, but they may not ultimately last as long as their larger counterparts.

Mini Implant Dentures

Dentures are usually held in place by suction and supported by your gum tissue. Even a properly fitting denture may loosen and slide around on your gums. Not only can this situation cause embarrassment but a mobile denture can also rub against your gums and cause painful sores.

Mini implants can help to stabilize your dentures, preventing these issues from happening, and provide you with an alternative to denture adhesives. This allows for a more comfortable and natural use of the tooth in terms of chewing. 

What Does The Mini Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

A mini implant procedure is in some ways similar to the placement of standard dental implants.

On the day of your procedure, after one of our dental specialists gives you local anesthesia and once you are fully numb around the surgical site, the specialist will make incisions in your gums and expose the jaw bone. 

Then they will drill into your bone and place the mini implant. Your gums will then be stitched closed around the implant leaving a small portion exposed above the gums. Then the healing process will begin. You will be provided with temporary teeth while you heal.

For the first few days after your mini dental implant procedure, avoid overly hard or sticky foods. Stick to soft foods like pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes, soups, and smoothies. You should experience minimal pain compared to a regular implant procedure and will be able to resume normal activities in a day or two.

Once you have healed from your surgery, then we will take impressions of your mouth and begin the process of making your permanent teeth. The impressions are used to design and fabricate your new teeth. When they are ready, your new teeth will be placed in your mouth.


Mini dental implants are a great option for restoring your missing teeth. We here at Novato Oral Surgery in Novato, CA, are here to guide you to that full and confident smile that you deserve! Call us to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online!


How Much Do Mini Dental Implants Cost? 

Mini implants cost between $500 to $1,500,  whereas traditional dental implant treatment costs between $1,500 and $6,000.

How Long Do Mini Implants Last?  

With proper care and regular checkups with your dentist, they can last for years.

How Do I Care For My Mini Implant? 

Mini dental implants need the same care as your natural teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily, floss once a day, and schedule regular appointments at the dentist for checkups. If plaque and tartar build up, we will recommend that you use fluoride in your toothpaste or a special rinse.

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