How To Recover From Oral Surgery

If you’re going to have oral surgery then it’s good to plan for a good recovery. The surgeons at Novato Oral Surgery in Novato, California can help you prepare by giving good after care instructions. Even though most oral surgery procedures are outpatient procedures, following these instructions is very important for your recovery to be successful. Here we’re going to share some of these instructions with you so that you can make a good recovery. 

What To Do

  • Listen to all the instructions that your oral surgeon gives you and follow through with them all at the right time. Your surgeon knows your situation better than anyone and may give you instructions unique to your situation.
  • Take sufficient rest. You will need at least 24 hours of complete rest to recover well. When you lie down, keep your head propped up by a pillow.  This will help with proper blood flow to the surgical site and help reduce swelling.
  • Control swelling with ice. It’s usually recommended to use an ice pack at 15 minute intervals for 15 minutes at a time. Your surgeon can provide more details.
  • Take pain medication when told to. You may not feel pain at the scheduled time but it’s better to keep the pain at bay than wait at a later time for the pain to go away.
  • Change your diet. You will have to wait until it stops bleeding before you can consume anything. Then for the first days you should only consume soft foods and liquids. Things like soup and mashed potatoes are some good examples.
  • Clean your mouth by rinsing with salt water. You can’t do this for the first 24 hours as you can easily dislodge the blood clot that has formed in the socket. When you rinse do so very lightly. It’s usually recommended to rinse after each meal to remove food particles from your mouth.
  • Supplement your diet. It’s important that you take in enough vitamins to help your recovery. Vitamins A and C are the most essential ones.

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • You shouldn’t ignore any of the surgeon’s advice. They are more experienced and have likely had to help patients after leaving the surgery office because they have not listened. 
  • Don’t over exert yourself. Resting is very important to a good recovery. Exercising and other strenuous activity should only be resumed after at least a few days of recovery. 
  • Don’t eat hot food or drink hot liquids right after surgery. If your mouth is still numb from painkillers then you’re not likely to feel how hot they are and you could burn your mouth.
  • Hard or crispy foods are likely to irritate the surgical site or worse dislodge the blood clot that’s formed. So avoid eating things like carrots or popcorn.
  • Normal cleaning routines of brushing and flossing should be stopped until your surgeon says it’s ok to do so. When you do start back then be careful not to exert too much pressure.
  • Stop smoking tobacco products. It really harms the healing process. If you can stop all together then you will see an improvement in your oral health.
  • Alcohol is another thing to avoid while you are healing. It could also create problems with your medication. Speak to your surgeon about the best time to resume.

If you need to have oral surgery such as a tooth extraction then book an appointment at Novato Oral Surgery. Novato Oral Surgery provides top quality dental care to Novato, California, residents and the surrounding San Francisco Bay region.

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