5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants Instead of Dentures

Around 40 million Americans are missing all of their adult teeth. If you’re one of them, you’re looking for the best way to replace your teeth so you can smile, talk, and eat with confidence. 

There are plenty of prosthetic tooth options to choose from, including dental implants, dentures, and bridges. At Novato Oral Surgery, the team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons recommends dental implants for a wide range of reasons

5 Reasons to choose dental implants

Dental implants look just like natural teeth

Whether you’re missing one, two, or all of your teeth, it affects your smile and your confidence. Dental implants are custom made to look just like your natural teeth. Once they’re in place, no one will know they’re false teeth unless you tell them. In fact, you can talk, smile, and bite into crispy foods like apples and corn on the cob with complete confidence in your new teeth. 

Dental implants are permanent

Dental implants are also extremely durable, resistant to decay, and permanently bonded to your jaw. Once your surgeon finishes installing your implants, they’re with you for life. And you don’t have to mess around with sticky, messy adhesives. 

Additionally, dentures can get dry and inflexible if you don’t take care of them properly. You can still experience bone loss, which can alter the shape of your jaw ridge and the fit of your dentures. This affects the fit and comfort of dentures. 

Dental implants are easy to care for

While dental implants aren’t going to get cavities, you still need to keep them clean and have regular dental visits to keep your gums and jaw healthy. The good news — you simply brush and floss just like natural teeth. This is much easier than taking care of dentures with special cleansers and soaks to keep them moist overnight. And of course, you need to have dental checkups every six months or as often as your dentist recommends. 

Dental implants keep your jaw healthy

The roots of your teeth have dual functions. In addition to providing a stable foundation for your teeth, they also stimulate bone growth in your jaw. Like all tissues in your body, your bones continuously produce new cells to replace old, dying cells. When you lose your natural teeth, you’re at risk of bone loss that could lead to further tooth loss as well as changes to the shape of your face. 

Dental implants can replace one or all of your teeth

Dental implants are highly customizable. If you need one implant or 32, the oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Novato Oral Surgery can help. While you could opt for a dental bridge to replace a single missing tooth, you wouldn’t get the added benefit of dental implants and could put your other teeth at risk.

What should I do if I want dental implants?

If you’re interested in dental implants, talk to your dentist, and get a referral. Then schedule a consultation with the experts at Novato Oral Surgery. The surgeons provide comprehensive consultations and exams using state-of-the-art 3D imaging, bone scans, and X-rays to collect details about your jaw and any remaining natural teeth. They use this information to plan the placement of your dental implants and custom-design the crowns to give you a perfect, natural-looking smile. 

Call Novato Oral Surgery today or schedule a consultation online to learn more about dental implants and if they’re the right tooth replacement option for you.

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